NAO I Vespri Siciliani

Sanctuary Theater

The Center at West Park

175 West 86th Street (Entrance on Amsterdam Avenue)

New York, NY 10024

"Ne me refuse pas"

Janara Kellerman, Mezzo-Soprano

"Adieu donc, vains objets"

Errin Brooks, Tenor

Act III Finale

Act IV Duet of Salomé & Jean

Marcy Stonikas & Errin Brooks


Keith Chambers, the company’s director, is also its conductor...the intensity of the overture proved contagious and the ensembles held together nicely. His choices of snips to make to keep the running time below four hours escaped the vigilance of all but the pedantic; the result flowed most impressively. His taste in scores to revive and singers to perform them is exceptional. With the loss of OONY, he fills a niche. I hope word spreads of his success and that other such occasions result. -- John Yohalem,